Who are we?

The MwinLéIndia action was born under the impetus of the Tamil Federation of Reunion,which with its associative partners have decided to mobilize in order to provide their support to India in this health context marked by an extraordinary spread of Covid-19. 

The operation is the result of the mobilization and solidarity of the population and the artistic world of Réunion.It is also supported by local authorities, local television channels and economic actors.

The funds raised will be donated in full to humanitarian organizations recognized by the Indian government according to need (first aid, medical supplies, food aid and logistics).

Fédération Tamoule de la Réunion

Founded in 1971 and with more than 80 member associations throughout the island.

In particular, the Federation is committed to :

the defence of rights, the promotion and enhancement of our cultural and cult heritage.

to bring together Reunion islanders of Hindu faith and Indian culture with respect for everyone.

Les associations

During trips to India and more particularly to the south, Mr RAMAKISTIN André was struck by the case of disabled children who gathered under a dilapidated roof to learn to read and write.

Since there was no lunch, they lined up outside on the side of the road to beg. He then decided to provide meals to these children every lunchtime at his own expense. He did so throughout his stay.

Stunned by so much poverty, he resolved to find a sustainable form to provide help to the underprivileged children in the village where he had this experience. It was decided that a commission would be set up at the TAMIJ school of Saint Paul, under the chairmanship of Mr. CADEBY Benoit.

The commission functioned well for some time, but as the demands became more substantial, it was necessary six years later to resort to other means; become professional, so to speak. 

In 2008 was carried on the baptismal funds: the solidarity association of the children of TAMIL NADU, supported by a group of volunteers.

The purpose: is the sponsorship of poor children and especially girls in their schooling.

Sponsorship is contractual between the child’s parents and the sponsor.

In the field, a correspondent liaises with the association, possibly identifying emerging urgent needs.

Visits are made during the travel of the members of the association. The sponsored correspond periodically with the association, which passes on the correspondence to the godmothers.

The school is a way to build one’s future and thus have more assets to get out of poverty.

Sponsorship is much more than a donation, it is a follow-up and help adapted to the needs of the child that has been put in place.

Monthly assistance adapted to each profile, so that everyone can continue to go to school in decent conditions.

However, the association’s help is not limited solely to schooling. It intervenes in the improvement of the habitat and the costs of hospitalization when it proves necessary.

The association is currently working in the village of ERUKKANCHERY, thirty-two children (32) are thus sponsored. The association aims to intervene more widely.

In twelve years of activity the results are very encouraging. Two (2) children have completed their studies at the equivalent of bac +5 and are already working. Three others(3) are currently completing their commercial licences.

We had the pleasure of welcoming to Reunion in 2018 a young girl who had brilliantly completed her studies. She had come with her parents.

Seva International is a secular reunionese humanitarian association created in 2007. Reunion islanders passionate about India have joined forces around common values: the spirit of solidarity and sharing. The association brings together motivated people with love to share!Seva International currently has about thirty members, 17 members on its board of directors and its associative office is composed of 9 members. The team is entirely voluntary and carries out humanitarian actions primarily in India (1) but also in Reunion Island (2) and in other countries (3).
The choice of the name of the association comes from the meaning of seva, a Sanskrit word from a long tradition of Indian dharma-bearing culture (good, ethics). Seva derives from the verbal root sev which means “to serve” but also “to cherish”. Its most accurate meaning is therefore “to serve with attention” or “to take care”. The seva value is therefore imbued with compassion to carry out benevolent actions towards the poorest without ethnic, religious or social distinction.

(1) Humanitarian actions in India
Like all emerging countries, India has strong disparities. The poor, the “forgotten of growth,” remain on the sidelines of India’s prosperity. This strong presence of marginalized people reveals a silent emergency: more and more people are living in dire living conditions in urban slums, rural and tribal areas. The number of poor people is constantly increasing and child labour is becoming more and more young! These children do not have access to education and do not have real opportunities to build a peaceful future for themselves. Seva International is helping to reduce this injustice by being involved in an educational assistance programme of an Indian NGO AIM FOR SEVA (www.aimforseva.in).

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Association Solidarity India – ASI

Creation and operation of the association Founded in 2000, the ASI is a humanitarian and non-profit association law 1901 that works to help educate children in Bihâr, one of the poorest regions of India.
The ASI does not employ employees. However, we subscribe to a service with an Accounting Firm whose fees are our only external services charge. The ASI has twelve members on its Board of Directors and six of these members are active on its Bureau. We work in collaboration with partners who support us. The association is entitled to issue tax receipts. ASI’s missions They fall into the following four areas:

1. Social development aid It is mainly through education and health. It is a question of providing for the care, maintenance, education and instruction of children, their families and communities in developing countries.

2. Sponsorship actions The aim is to interest people of good will in the need for such a commitment and to obtain their assistance and financial support.

3. Communication and awareness-raising actions. It is to commit, around this humanitarian objective, every means to promote the activities mentioned above
(i.e. social development aid and sponsorship). Another aspect of this component is to allow a cultural opening for our members and for anyone interested.

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Presentation of the AKIR Association (Association Ker India Réunion)

Registered: February 15, 2020 (contact: kerindia974@gmail.com -tel: 0692681242)

Purpose of the association: To participate in the development of structures (schools, dispensaries…) to enable the social integration and development of people through education and health in India and the Indian Ocean area.

Site of our intervention: INDIA

State of Bihar (North-East India)

Illara village: – located 30 minutes from bodhgaya, place of the awakening of the Boudha.

– rural village

– other surrounding villages

Partner on   site: Reunion Heart Foundation

Director: Mr.Sanoj Kumar comes from the first generation of schoolchildren thanks to theASI (Association Solidarité Inde).

  Means of action

        1- Sponsorships 2- Donations

Main actions taken 

1) Financing of a school’s teaching team 

                                   110 children – 4 levels

4 teachers

2) Financing of teaching materials: – notebooks, pens, computers/printers…                                      

3) Children’s equipment: – Uniforms – (+ Covid action: masks/gels)

4) Digging of a well (to have water on site) + realization of the toilets of the school

5) Help to families: Food parcels / coverage (3 times)…

6) Health actions: – Distribution of medicines to families (supervised by a doctor) 

“GOPIO (Global Organization of People of Indian Origin) is an international organization, which takes the form of a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), with the objective of organizing the cultural, scientific, economic and social cooperation of the Indian diaspora in the world. “In order to allow La Réunion to be officially represented, it was decided, with the approval of the President of GOPIO INTERNATIONAL present at the Meeting on November 4, 2005, the creation of a Local Committee GOPIO Reunion Island in the form of an association governed by the law 1901. (Extract from the statutes) Association formalized in the presence of representatives of Mauritius, South Africa, Singapore …

“The aims of this association are to:

– promote the Indian diaspora in Réunion, at the national and international level, through cultural, economic, social and humanitarian actions.– promote by any means of expression and communication the meetings and exchanges between the diaspora of Réunion and the French-speaking world” (Extract from the statutes) Read more about the aim

« Cette association a pour buts de :

– promouvoir la diaspora indienne à la Réunion, au niveau national et international, à travers des actions culturelles, économiques, sociales, humanitaires.
– favoriser par tout moyen d’expression et de communication les rencontres et les échanges entre la diaspora de la Réunion et le monde francophone » (Extrait des statuts)

The India Meera association was created on December 27, 2017. At the initiative of Jeanne Péré, a French pensioner who has lived in India for more than 20 years. I met him on my first trip to India in 2014. On the occasion of her visit to Reunion in 2016, she was able to convince me to join her in this humanitarian project. His dearest desire has always been to give poor children a better future. The Mummy Jee Educational Charitable Trust school and orphanage caters for children in the Bihar region of north-eastern India.


The purpose of the association is to provide for the sponsorship, care, maintenance, education, instruction and happiness of children, their families in India, with the aim of giving them access to education and raising their awareness of universal values. To interest people wishing to accompany a child or adolescent through individual or collective sponsorship in order to offer him a better future, and to enable him to become tomorrow an actor in his development and that of his country while offering him assistance and financial support. To develop, around this humanitarian objective, awareness-raising and cultural openness actions for its members and any interested person; To organize demonstrations for the financial support of the above-mentioned children, of the Mummy Jee Educational Charitable Trust in India.

The first step is to remove children from the streets so that they stop begging. The objective is to restore them to their dignity as human beings and respect for moral values, by offering them a certain family well-being in the human warmth, a roof where to sleep, good meals, clothing comfort and a lot of attention. Secondly, to provide them with a formal and practical education through the selection of local teachers who, through education and various activities, will restore children’s confidence, enable them to flourish, open up to the world and take their place in society. A day will come when these children will be able to claim happiness and will be ready to help their fellow human beings to build a better world.


Our project in collaboration with the school is aimed at the poorest children, orphans or beggars on the streets. Most of them no longer have families, or they live in extreme poverty and cannot afford to send them to school. These children then become excluded, forgotten in society. 

Despite the bad weather or the blazing sun, these little ones roam the streets to come and beg in front of the temples and monasteries. Defenceless and vulnerable, they also become easy prey for child trafficking and are exploited by various adult networks. Scenes of human misery, unbearably moving, do not escape the sensitive eye of passers-by.

The school and boarding school are located in Bagha, a village located in the locality of Bodhgaya. 150 children are currently enrolled there but that is not enough, the needs are great, hundreds more are on the waiting list. When children finish high school, the Mummy Jee Educational Charitable Trust is also intended to support them in their further education at university. This is an incredible opportunity for these children from the lowest social classes and for the disabled to be able to integrate into society and find a job and a decent wage.


Around the sponsorship activities developed by the association, there is in particular the organization of solidarity actions to raise awareness and collect funds such as: dance party, flea market, cake sale … etc The association to organize two picnics shares in 2018 and in 2019. During these events, a sale of jewelry, baskets and bags made by the members of the association as well as by honorary members and volunteers were made. We currently have seven sponsors and one “Darie Productions” sponsor. We are a very young association with a desire to expand our network of benefactors and volunteers. Because of the current situation with the health crisis, we had to cancel our various actions on the year 2021 and 2021. However, we appeal to the donations and generosity of the population in order to allow the association to best fulfill its mission!


“The aims of this association are to:

– promote the Indian diaspora in Réunion, at the national and international level, through cultural, economic, social and humanitarian actions.– promote by any means of expression and communication the meetings and exchanges between the diaspora of Réunion and the French-speaking world” (Extract from the statutes)

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