Why support the action?

As you know, our island is a melting pot of interbreeding, fed by the different contributions of the population that composes it. 

The Indian continent occupies a fundamental place since it is the place of origin of a significant part of the population of Réunion who keep strong ties there at the spiritual, family, emotional and memorial levels.

Today, India, the second most populous country in the world, is ravaged by an unprecedented wave of Covid-19.

The country has to face deficiencies in terms of hospital beds, oxygen, medicines, carers… With 350,000 new cases a day, the health system is on the verge of collapse.

Patients die at the gates of hospitals because they could not be treated. The bodies are cremated in the streets, in public parks.It is a huge humanitarian tragedy that is being played out.

And the worst is yet to come with a peak expected in mid-May.

Certainly, the vastness of the Indian territory in the face of the size of our Region, may lend itself to smile on our claim, but like the hummingbird of the Amerindian legend, it is for us to “do our part”.

We cannot remain insensitive to such a situation, so with the collaboration of the Tamil Federation, members or descendants of members of the diaspora, private associative initiatives are being set up through the collective #MwinLéIndia to recover donations from the population towards the Indian continent in order to respond to the humanitarian tragedy that is currently playing out there.

This is how we allow ourselves to ask for your support to raise awareness among the people of Réunion about this exceptional action through an audiovisual spot that will pass on local TV channels.

The funds raised will be allocated to humanitarian organizations recognized by the Indian government according to need (first aid, medical supplies, food aid and logistics).